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HealthRider H30T Treadmill Treadmills

H30T Treadmill


A step above other treadmills, the H30T Treadmill not only works your lower body and cardiovascular system, it also allows you to engage your upper body. Plus, 16 preset workout apps, an iPod®–compatible sound system, and a 10–percent adjustable incline give you the motivation you need to meet your fitness goals.




Product Specifications

  • 0–10% Incline Control
  • Upper-Body Resistance Bands
  • Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
  • 2.0 CHP Drive System
  • SpaceSaver® Design
  • 16 Workout Apps
  • 5 x 7 Matrix Display
  • 0–10 MPH Speed Control
  • 5-Year Frame, 5-Year Motor, 90-Day Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 250 Lb. Weight Capacity
  • California Prop 65 Warning